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Dongguan XiangHe Metal Factory was built in Year l999,it specialized in producing metal Terminals and iron clamp at the very beginning. With the support and help from customers, we start a new production & processing on plastic product from year 2006. After 6 years of business development we found old plant and equipments could not meet our customers' demands, so we decide to expand production capacity by adding more equipments and working staff, and move the factory to a bigger plant, rename the factory as "DONGGUAN SHENGHAN METAL & PLASTIC CO., LTD", shorted "Sheng Han" in following.

Sheng Han specialized in stamping products, machining, and plastic products (Bobbin and SMD). Plant area reaches 12 thousand sq.m, we have more than 200 staff, including 20 engineering technicians, more than 20 QC/QA. We have departments like sales, tooling, production, QC team, we could also design and open tooling ourselves.

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